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How to get sales JSON data from

You will learn to how to get your sales JSON data.

Getting your sales JSON data from is almost the same as get your Afternic sales JSON data from dev tools. Here is the step by step guide:

Step 1:

Head to your Sold domains page on

Place your cursor on anywhere of that page and perform a right click to pop up your menu. Choose the Inspect and click it.

Step 2:

When you choose Inspect on step 1, you will pull up your browser's dev tools. In this dev tools section, choose Network tab:

Refresh your Sold domains page by hitting Command + r or clicking your browser's refresh button. Wait the page until it fully loaded, then scroll down your sold domains table to the bottom, you will be noticed that there are more network requests show up:

Filter your sale's requests by inputting inline or inline_domains into the requests filter search box like Section 1. You will get some requests url looks like the above image Section 2 .

Step 3:

You will need to click the filtered requests to get it's response JSON:

Click the Response section and you will get your actual sales JSON data:

Select all of the JSON data and copy them to the json field on your add domain sales modal.

You will need to click every filtered requests to get all you sales data because Dan limits the request at 25 sales per page. If you have more sales, you will see more requests while you scroll down your sold domains table.


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