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How to get Afternic sales JSON?

You will learn to how to get your Afternic sales JSON data.

There are two ways to get you Afternic sales JSON data: Afternic API new tab or Get JSON with browser dev tool.

1.Afternic API New Tab

This is an only two-steps way to get your afternic sales JSON data, highly recommended for now.

Step 1:

Login to your Afternic account first:

Step 2:

Visit your sales API page by clicking this link:

You will see the JSON data looks like below:

if you do NOT get the JSON data, please try 'Get JSON With Browser Dev Tool' instead

Select all this JSON data and copy them into JSON input field on the add sales modal.

2.Get JSON With Browser Dev Tool

This way is a little bit complex but you still can get the JSON data step by step.

Step 1:

Head to your Afternic sold domains page:

Place your cursor anywhere on that page and Right click to open the select menu:

Select Inspect, you will pull up the browser dev tools menu.

Step 2:

In browser dev tools, select Network tab

Step 3:

While you are in the Network tab, refresh your afternic sold domains page, you will get some requests show up:

Now filter your requests by type in 'sales?' in the filter search input, you will see a request looks like 'sales?limit=100&offset=0'.

Step 4:

Click the request 'sales?limit=100&offset=0':

Select Response tab this time as the image shows above.

Step 5:

Under your request Response tab, you will get your JSON data like below:

Place your cursor into the data and select them all, then copy them to your JSON field on the add sales modal.


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