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Creating and Selling Off-the-Shelf Brands and Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Your Business Online or offline, you can count on us to deliver on time and exceed your expectations. We welcome projects of all kinds, and if what you need doesn't exist, we’ll just build it!

Frequently asked questions

You can get your domain in two ways

1.Domain push:

If you have an account at the current domain's registrar, you can ask your seller to push the domain directly into your registrar account. This is normally can be done with 5 minutes and you will get your domain.

2.Transfer with auth code:

Domain transfer with auth code (also called an Authorization Code, Auth-Info Code, or transfer code) could be the most common way to receive your domain name. The seller would send you the auth code once the payment is secured and you could start the transfer process. This will take up to 5-7 days to finish the transfer.

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